Virgin Piña Colada

I have always loved Virgin Pína Coladas every since I was young. I remember always going to a restaurant and they were Kind of a specialty thing so it wasn’t very often. So when i got older i decided that i wanted to make my own recipe. For years i have been trying to find a recipe that gives you that same taste as when you go out, but I haven’t been able to find one that even comes close! Coconut is one of my favorite flavors and mixing it white pineapple is just so refreshing on a hot summer day! To be able to make this at home is so much fun and i get to share it with my kiddos! It will make the perfect addition to any tropical party or gathering! When we visited Jamaica a few years ago we had them and it was mine and the kids favorite drink while we were there! Ever since that drink i have been determined to make one and have finally come up with perfect recipe! It is cold and creamy, it has the perfect amount of coconut and pineapple in it! I can’t wait for you to taste it!!Of course with this recipe you can tweak it and adjust the levels of flavor. You can make this with fresh pineapple instead of juice, just make sure to blend it down so there aren’t any chunks left. I use the Monin Coconut flavoring this is my favorite! It has the best taste and i use it in so many of my other drink recipes, so don’t feel bad for splurging on it you’ll use it right up!Heavy cream makes everything better! You can totally make this without heavy cream, but trust me it gives it that super creamy flavor and makes it so fresh and delicious! If you guys try this one at home be sure to let me know! I hop you all enjoy this!!

Virgin Pina Colada at home


1 6oz. can pineapple juice

2 cups ice

4 pumps=2 Tablespoons coconut syrup(I used monin)

2 tablespoons heavy cream

Combine everything but the heavy cream in the blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into cup and add heavy cream and stir. Enjoy.

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