Your Essential Oils Kit

Hello Loves!

I’m so excited that you have interest in getting an Essential Oils kit!  I know that you are going to love it as much as I do! You will see exactly how it changes how you live, just like it has for us here at Live Sweet!

Essential oils have been such an amazing addition to my family.  I’m keeping my home clean and smelling amazing, and I’m able to do it so much better by using natural oils! I also love that I can use products that are safe to use with my sweet animals, too.  We are so excited that we can make better choices and now you can too!

When you join, you will be invited to our Facebook Community where you will learn about all these amazing oils, and how to use them as well as learn even more hints and tips with them!

There are several types of kits that will help your life the best way possible. My choice was the Premium Starter Kit. It helped me to jump right in and learn about Essential Oils that people use all the time. PLUS!! When you order any of the starter kit, you get free shipping!

There are other Premium Starter Kits that you can order, too. Each one is so good!!

Libby and I had so much fun making calming rollers, sprays and lip balms for ourselves, our family and friends with the Premium Starter Kit! It was such a sweet time being able to bond with her!

Just look at how stinking adorable these came out! Can you believe it??

Signing up: Click Sign Up to become a member just click on the Premium Starter Kit like I did or click OTHER PREMIUM KITS and choose from one of them!

If you end up loving it, you can give your member number out to your friends, but that’s totally up to you! It is a free loyalty program that helps you earn free products!! Plus, when you sign up with Essential Rewards, you will receive a free gift bundle as a welcome from me!

When you become a member, don’t be afraid of Step 2! Be sure to click YES! This doesn’t mean that you HAVE to sell products!! It gives you lots of amazing perks!! There’s no monthly amount you have to pay, no commitments.

Be sure to click YES when it asks Do you want to use your Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards (ER) order?

You can set up your next Monthly Rewards below. I chose Thieves so I could start replacing my cleaning products. You can also choose to make out your own personalized order, too! Hit Continue and fill out the MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION.

When you come to the Sponsor/Enroller Information, make sure that the number 24680200 is in the Sponsor ID and the Enroller ID section.

Finish filling out your payment information and Check out and you’re done!

You’re going to love all the perks you get from becoming an Essential Rewards member! I’m so excited to welcome you to our group! If you need anything, ask! I am here for you!