HI I’m Lindsey the creator behind the whimsical world of Live Sweet! I am blessed beyond words and saved by grace. I am the wife of Fil (@dad.ventures) who’s my sexy high school sweetheart who loves to cook, run, ski and adventure anywhere he can with our littles. I married him at just 20 because I was so madly in love and couldn’t wait another day to be his forever!

Now years later, and after many ups and downs, I am even more in love than ever and raising our adorable children out in the country on our family lake with a zillion fuzzy critters! We spend most of our days barefoot, cuddled under blankets with several of our fluffy critters and running through the woods creating beautiful memories.

Noah, our oldest, is 10 and has the tenderest little soul, he’s the best big brother and my big helper in all that I do including taking lots of the pictures you’ll see us share here. Miss Libby is 5 and is spunky as the day is long, she has a heart of gold, sass for miles and a love for animals like no other. Finn is 2 and the cutest, happiest, chubbiest baby you'll ever met. He is the cherry on top of our sundae and makes all our days better with his baby giggles and chubby feet! Claire was born on June 24, 2018 and after a rough start in life, has been a blessing to our family through and through.

We became huge advocates for adoption after adopting both Libby and Finn and will spend the rest of our days sharing the good news of adoption and helping as many babies find their forever homes as we can.

I designed our entire home to be a pastel dreamland for our children to grow and flourish. I love to bake, eat pretty sweets, photograph everything cute and baby and spread lots of joy everywhere I go. I live in leggings and eat chocolate everyday. I hope that you love our space and feel like home here. I hope our pictures and stories bring you joy and that you will go out and spread some of that joy to others!

XOXO Lindsey