Pastel Drink Station

I am so thrilled to be sharing our pastel drink counter with you! As you all know my total obsession with drink making has taken over this summer. Last year it was popsicles, which I’m sure we will make again this year, and now it’s different drinks! This has been especially fun for me because i love making different drink concoctions!

When I first started creating drinks I had a small dresser that I kept some of my ingredients on. I quickly out grew this space! I’ve always struggles keeping our higher countertop cleared off, everyone would just throw everything on it! It was our junk collector and the place to just put everything. Phil suggested that I move it up there that way I have more room. I wasn’t sure at first, but now I am in love with how it all turned out!

Since it is kind of a large wrap around counter it holds a ton of stuff! I had room for a Keurig, my throther, there are outlets on the other side to plug things in, I got cute jars for all my tea bags and powders. I have places for my spoons, straws, and a cute basket for all my syrups! It has been such a dream to have it like this, it keeps everything clean and organized!

I had so much fun decorating this. I can’t wait to change it up each season it’s going to be so fun! I can’t wait to add more to my collection and hopefully inspire you to make some fun new drinks. I am so excited to share new recipes with you throughout this summer! Most of my recipes as i use decaf tea and coffee. All my recipes are alcohol free, which of course you can add it in if you’d like! You can also use caffeine versions i just use decaf because that’s what i liked and it’s great for the kids! I hope you guys come back each week to see what new drink we are making!

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