Tips for a great summer working from home

For many of us, it’s been over a year of work from home madness! Even if you don’t work from home, most likely the pandemic changed your job situation at one point. Maybe you chose to go a different route and start building your own business from home! Either way, our schedules change a ton in the summer! Today we are talking all about productivity and how we can make the most of our summers.

Scheduling summer fun

First things first: summer fun! Be sure to schedule that in and make it happen! If you are working from home with your kids- plan your summer entertainment into your schedule. Whether it’s a trip to get ice cream during the day, a break to play at the park or pool, or even a day trip away, commit to spending this time with your family.

In my experience, saying “if we have time we’ll fit it in”, often times, it won’t happen. Prioritize summer fun and you won’t regret it! Do this by adding activities into your schedule as you do work. 

Repurposing your content

Make your content easy to share! Summer activities are so fun to incorporate into your posts and videos, so take full advantage of this! Have a special drink or frozen treat your making? Share the recipe or a reel about making it! Taking a trip to the beach? Film a youtube video about it. There are so many ways to organically share and save time in content creation during the summer!

Many of us are taking the time to film and take photos of our kids anyway, so it’s good to keep in mind that we can use this for multiple uses. We all have hobbies and interests- how can you bring your audience along in this? Share the experience! 

Batch your work

One of the most helpful work from home tips I can give you is to “batch your work”. This means focusing on one task a time instead of multi-tasking! This can be especially helpful in the summer when you’re blocking off periods of time to work- knowing exactly what you’re focusing on when you schedule that time. Plan to finish the project you’re working on before moving on to the next. If you’re looking for more info on this, Jenna Kutcher has a super insightful guide for integrating this into your work!

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