Big Tent Project

Who remembers camping out in a tent as a child? I always remember wanting to camp out in a tent when I was younger, but only when it was a big group of us. My father grew up with two brothers and they had a cottage along the river and he remembers tenting with them all the time! So my dad wanted to set up a tent last summer for the kids and see how they like it. We started with borrowing a tent from our in-laws, but we had some issue with it so we took it down. My dad wanted to find a special tent for the kids for this summer so we did tons of research.

We got a bell tent it’s made of heavy duty canvas and waterproof coating so it can stay up all summer! It is huge, this tent is bigger then our whole living room! Almost like a mini circus tent. It took quite a bit of time to prep the area for the tent. My husband had to cut them down and drag them out. He cleared out the area, leveled it out, and put down some wood chips and plastic so it wouldn’t leak!

The tent arrived and we got to set it up! They were so so excited! We’ve slept out in the tent quite a few times now! We got to have some sleepover and just some time to relax all together in it! We all had to bundle up the times we slept out there it was a bit chilly out! I’ve slept out there with them and we are figuring out what is comfy and what isn’t. I got an air mattress which has been a great addition! We have windows we can open during the day, but have to close them so the rain doesn’t flood the tent!
I’ve gotten it decorated some, but not completely done yet. The kids just love going in there jumping around, playing, and building forts. It’s there Own space to have fun and play in! It’s right outside of our house so I can look out the window and see them. We have plans to build a fire pit, so we need to put stones down! We have lots of plans for this tent project and I can’t wait for you all to see! Make sure you stay tuned as we keep adding on to our tent project!
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