My Go-to Hair Treatment from Pantene!

This post is sponsored by Pantene but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

It’s been over a year since I’ve been to a salon to get my haircut, is anyone else in the same boat?! I’ve literally been doing the flip my head over the trash can and blindly cut off my split ends every few months!! You could definitely say between the self hair cuts, all the time I spend in the barn with goats chewing on my hair and wearing a top knot almost 24/7- my hair has seen it’s fair share of damage!! So you could imagine my excitement when I found out about the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection, that repairs signs of damage as well as a $60 treatment right at home, making my hair soft and frizz free thanks to products like the Deep Conditioning Treatment!

Let me tell you- we are so excited for summer around here! We are planning on spending most of our time outside, starting with camping in our big tent and enjoying our lake! I cannot wait for sunny swimming days and cool campfire nights! And, of course, you know that we are all about the animals and have plans to fully enjoy more time than ever outside with them! I don’t want to have to worry about my hair, and that’s why I’m thankful  I have found Pantene! This is the perfect way to restore and repair my hair without spending a ton of time caring for it- and without an expensive treatment! My hair is more hydrated than ever, and I don’t have to deal with split ends or frizzy hair. This is seriously going to take so much pressure off of my hair care routine and I’m ready for a summer of care free fun! I will be taking full advantage of not having to go and get expensive treatments at the salon!

To mention a few of my favorites from this collection, first the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment!  This treatment has a blend of nutrients including pro-vitamin B5, strengthening lipids and protective antioxidants that give your hair the much needed moisture to help repair damages caused by those fun summer days.  After nourishing my hair with the Deep Conditioning Treatment, I follow up using the Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots.  These are little bottles of pure hair gold!  The Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots will give your hair that extra boost to bring back the softness and shine to your hair. 

With summer just around the corner, the Miracle Rescue Collection is truly a lifesaver.  For you ladies who enjoy being out in the sun as much as I do, you have to try the Miracle Rescue Multitasking 10 in 1 Spray.  This is a leave-in  spray that detangles, moisturizes, strengthens against breakage, protects color, softens, smooths, adds shine, protects against heat, BUT best of all it provides UV protection for your hair!  So you bet that I am #ReadyForMore summer fun in the sun!

Be sure to check out the Miracle Rescue Collection for yourself!  You will see the same beautiful shine and softness, and less frizz than ever!  It repairs so much damage and I promise, you will be just as happy with this treatment!  Run over to Pantene to get this collection HERE!

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