Vanilla Confetti Popsicles

I’ve declared this the summer of popsicles! I like having a plan when we know we will have some free time so that we get to enjoy some fun special things! My kids all love popsicles and I love making them so I figured why not trying a billion different recipes and just have fun with it. We’ve already tried about ten recipes and have a few favorites that we are going to share with you here! If you have favorite popsicle flavors or recipes please tell me below as we’d love to try them out!

I usually just use recipes as a guide line and then I like to try and mix things up a bit, or sometimes I don’t have everything the recipe calls for so I have to improvise. So here is our version of Vanilla Confetti Popsicles which are both adorable and delicious and also pretty healthy!

Vanilla Confetti Popsicles

1/2 cup coconut milk
1tsp vanilla
2 cups plain whole yogurt
1/3 cup rainbow sprinkles of your choice

Mix coconut milk, vanilla and yogurt in a blender and then stir in sprinkles by hand. Poor into popsicle mold of your choice and let freeze.

I hope that you will all love this popsicle series as much as we do! My plan is to post a new popsicle recipe every Friday here on the blog!!

Miss Libby’s adorable dress is by Remie Girl

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