Happy Father’s Day!

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Watching Fil become a father has been one of my favorite things in life! It’s amazing how a man becomes a loving father in just an instant as soon as their precious baby is born. All it takes is one look and their heart is with that baby forever. Fil was the one who did all the diaper changing for all three babies right from the start. He was the best at swaddling, and is the nurse of the family tending to all the fevers and boo boos.

He loves to be there for all of the kids at each stage of their life, from diaper changes and bottles to story reading, popcorn making, biking and hiking.
Watching the kids get excited every time daddy walks in the house and seeing how they make Fil feel so loved and special makes my heart so happy. I know my children will grow up to be stronger and full of self confidence from having such a wonderful hands on father.
Today on behalf of my family and Pampers I want to wish all of you wonderful dads a Happy Fathers Day and send some extra love to all the sweet babies who made these great men fathers!
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