Why So many Animals

I’ve been talking with several people lately about why I have chosen to raise my children with so many animals. Often times we live our daily life and don’t even think about the reasons why we do the things we do, so every now and then it’s nice to go back over the reasons for your choices. After these conversions I have felt lifted up and even more confident in my choices which is a nice place to be and  one that as a parent and especially a mother we don’t always get to feel, since we often second guess ourselves.

So the question often goes something like this, “why so many animals?” of course there is the simple answer of I just really love animals. I’ve always been a huge animal lover, they make me happy, bring lots of joy, they are less complicated than most human relationships and they usually love you unconditionally which is rare to find in relationships these days. I’m also a nurturer and like to care for anything that will let me, so the animals fill part of my love of nurturing.

But now comes the deeper part and the reason I have chosen to raise so many animals with young children. I think having animals teaches children respect, respect and love not only for the animals but for every living thing including people. Respect can be hard to teach young children but when it’s taught holding a baby chick gently so as to not harm it, or getting fresh water and food for their bunnies or giving hay to their goats for a comfy place to lay it comes naturally. When they are constantly putting the needs of the animals above a tv show, or something else that they want to do at that moment it’s teaching them to respect others.

There are so many big teaching moments while caring for our animals that I am so thankful for. Helping care for the animals teaches them responsibility, taking care of all our animals is a lot of hard work, it’s daily and takes many, many hours and lots of work, but it is also so rewarding. My hope is that my children will learn that things you want in life are worth working for. It inspires compassion, to care for and love something that can’t always give you something back in return. The biggest of all though is love, it encourages lots and lots of love. They open their arms and their hearts and learn how to embrace life and joy and love when they are with their animals and we all seem to love each other a little better because of the animals too since they fill our lives with joy and remind us of the pure, simple beauty in life.

We all have different ways of parenting and values that are important to each of us that we share with our children, each different, each important, none better than another. I love that we can all parent differently and share and encourage each other. This life of many animals isn’t for everyone and that’s totally ok because I am sure you all have your own beautiful way of parenting and sharing about important life lessons, but for us it works wonderfully and I am so honored to get to share a glimpse into our days here with you!

Many may look at our lives and just see lots of adorable animals(which they absolutely are) but they are also so much more! I see a life of memories, love, joy, respect, hard work and the beginnings of beautiful little lives that will change the world someday because of the things they learned while caring for their fuzzy babies.

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  • AngelaSimply beautiful! I think what you are doing for your children is AMAZING! They will grow up to be loving, gentle, kind and respectful-to animals & people. And I LOVE that you allow your sweet animals in the house!! So fun!! 

  • TnTAs a child I grew up with many siblings and a lot of animals. As adults we still all love animals, take care of abandoned ones, volunteer or time and money to animal related causes, share our lives with them and passing this love to next generation ::)

  • PattyYou and your family are amazing!!!!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us-I live vicariously through you 😉 wishing you all continued love, happiness and furry snuggles!