Up close and pearlsonal with Pearl!


I wanted to do a fun little fact post about our Pearl girl for all of you who love her and or are looking into find out more info on owning a piggy.

I am going to answer questions that a lot of you have asked!

Is Pearl potty trained? I would say pretty much. Pearl is great about going on a pee pad now that we have found her favorite spot to go potty. It took a few weeks of moving the pad around and cleaning up messes but we got her settled and now she has her spot which she does very well with. She still has an occasional accident like a puppy would hit for the most part she either goes on her pee pad or outside. Pearl in general is very clean and likes to always go potty in the same spot somewhere away from where she eats and sleeps.


Fun Fact: Pearl loves having a routine, who knew pigs liked routines, not me! Most days she eats around the same time, naps around the same time and plays around the same time and she seems to like it that way!

How and what do you feed her? Pearl eats a special mini pig food that looks similar to a rabbit pellet. We feed her every morning and night and then she gets healthy vegi snacks throughout the day of carrots, cucumbers, kale and other yummy vegis! She is also a bit like a little vacuum and seems to pick up every little crumb off the floor. When she’s outside she nibbles on grass and other leafy greens. She loves to drink water and water is super important to pigs so we always make sure she has plenty of fresh water at all times!

Pearl is a snuggler. When we are hanging out on the couch she loves to jump right up there with us and cuddle in!


Where did you get Pearl from? Pearl is from a breeder called NY Teacup Piggies. You can find their website here and their instagram is @nyteacuppiggies They have been awesome to deal with and help with lots of answers to questions. They give their piglets lots of love and socialization so they are already used to people when you bring them home! We both believe in healthy, happy pigs over just tiny pigs. The health of our piggies is always the most important!

How big is she and how big will she get?

Pearl weighs around 20lbs right now and is 7 months old. She’s about the same size as our miniature Schnauzer. We think she will probably end up around 30lbs full grown but know a lot of that depends on her genetics and eating and exercise. She’s really a perfect size, nice and hardy but still small enough that I can pick her up to cuddle.


What’s her personality like?

She is very devoted to libby and I because we spend the most time with her. She’s very shy around most visitors but warms up over time. She loves to lay on my lap and loves to play around on the floor with Libby and Noah. When we are outside she mostly runs around the yard and roots around. She doesn’t love to be picked up and carried around but will follow us all over! She can be moody at times and will let you know when she wants a little break from the crazy kids and pets when she’s wanting a little nap to herself. For the most part she gets along will with all our other animals and family though. She will always choose me to cuddle with though if she has the option, she’s a momma’s girl for sure!!

Does she make much noise? Now that she is a little older she snorts around when she wakes up and wants to eat or when you come in the room she snorts and squeals at you a little to say hi! Over all she’s not very noisy but she does snort and squeal similar to how a dog would bark to greet someone!


What kind of time and care does she require?

She’s very similar to a puppy and you will get as much out of the relationship as you put into it. If you spend lots of time with her and work on training her then she will give lots of love and obedience back! She loves to play outside so we try to make several times a day where she can be out playing and getting exercise!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our Pearl Girl and that it helps answer some of your questions!

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  • PinkunderbellyPearl is precious! So cute!! Your photos and color schemes are gorgeous. We have a black & white pig named Piper who sounds a lot like Pearl: snuggly, adorable, and opinionated. Our life is so much more fun with her! Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us!

  • ShannonOh she’s so cute! My kids would love a pig! Especially my son; he’s obsessed with animals!