Goldie and Gabby the Goats!




About six weeks ago we adopted two adorable baby goats! There names are Goldie and Gabby the goats and they are just the sweetest!


They played in the house and wore diapers for part of the day and slept in a play pen at night for the first several weeks! They only last for a short time in the house because being that they are goats they jump on and chew on everything! They are like very adorable, very destructive puppies! But boy is it worth it to get their snuggles!



There’s nothing like a baby goat! They really are so affectionate and sweet and just want to be with you all the time! They follow us on walks, sit with us where ever we are and snuggle in whenever they get a chance!


They love playing on the rocks, jumping from rock to rock and climbing all over us! They bring us so much joy! Libby is totally smitten with them and they prance around the yard all day following each other!


Phil built them their own stall in the barn so now they are outside full time. We try and spend as much time as we can in the barn yard with them or bring them out in the yard or down by the lake with us. Oh baby goats we love you!



To see more adorable videos head over to our You Tube page!!

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  • Marie B.We saw your photos on A Beautiful Mess and fell in love with your goats! Could you please let us know what kind of goats they are? Thanks so much!