Libby and Pearl Love (live sweet photography tips)


Libby’s new favorite thing to do when we play with Pearl is to have her eat cucumbers off her belly! It’s quite comical watching Pearl snack away while libby giggles and giggles because it’s tickling her belly!


Our sweet life online photography workshop has started and is going great, I’m having so much fun teaching so many awesome women! Photography truly is such a love and passion for me and I love helping share with others to see their lives in more beautiful ways!! There’s still time to join us so if you’d like head to the shop to register!


I thought I’d share a few fun tips for how I captured this little shoot of Libby and Pearl! I always pick a place right near a bright window to take pictures, this way I have plenty of natural light pouring in on my subjects! Libby loves to play with Pearl and she loves to get her picture taken so I’m very lucky there but sometimes she needs a little help staying in one place. Her favorite picture treat is smarties so that’s what she gets for hanging out in one place and being a good listener while I take pictures! Pearls choice treat is cucumbers! Remember when working with kids or animals it’s always a good idea to make it a super fun and happy experience so why not offer them a special treat to be your models. I always play games with libby like peek-a-boo or put music on for her to dance to she that she has a good time! Try all different angles and poses sometimes I shoot from above or straight on and I’m always moving and having libby move to keep things fresh and different!


Whether I am taking pictures out in the barnyard or doing a little photo shoot with Libby and Pearl my main goal is always to catch genuine moments and memories! I always want to be able to look back over my pictures and be brought back to those sweet memories and little moments I don’t ever want to forget!


I hope you enjoyed these tips and we’d love to have you join us in class by clicking here to register!! Xoxo Lindsey

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