The Inspiration Behind Girls Grow Together!

Today I want to talk about collaboration! Working alongside other women is beneficial for everyone involved, but it’s also what makes social media fun! 

Collaborating is like holding a virtual party- and it’s what we built this business around! 

So much of social media engagement is about creating relationships with like minded women, linking arms, and working together! It’s easy to get so caught up in numbers without realizing that the only way to reach our goals is in community. The relationships you build while working together- these are invaluable! I’ve seen simple story shares turn into beautiful collaborations! So don’t take this lightly- you will have a great reward and may even begin a friendship! 

Need some ideas for where to start?

Do a giveaway, story share, or shoutout!

This is a great way to share about accounts that you love in a natural way! I would get comfortable sharing about others on social media. Think of all of the fun recommendations you post that you find genuinely interesting, why wouldn’t you share this?!  Your followers will thank you for recommending a brand new account that they are now gaining value from! So, you can just post for fun, or coordinate a story share with someone else. This way, you’ll both benefit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it. 

Giveaways are also a great way to get your followers engaged with you and the other participant(s).

Try creating a reel together! You’re probably aware of the high engagement that reels can attract! So these are a fantastic way to come together and create something fun and energetic! 

I hope you step out of your comfort zone and start building relationships today! Let us know if you tried a new collaboration and how it turned out for you! You can always message me @girlsgrowtogethergang on Instagram. Keep in touch! 

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