Our momma hen hatched all these babies!

Our momma hen hatched all these babies! What an amazing surprise it was to walk out into the barnyard to find one of our momma hens laying on about 15-20 eggs. It was quite a surprise, because we only have one rooster out with them. We decided to let her lay on them just to see what would happen! I put food and water in the chicken coop with her, because she wouldn’t come off of her eggs to eat or drink.

We were so surprised when our momma hatched these babies! We have only ever had one other chicken hatch on our farm. Normally we get a shipment of eggs and incubate them or take some from the coop. She is a bantam chicken, I believe she is from one of our eggs that we incubated.  I am so excited to see what these fluffy babies end up looking like. The male that was in with them is a polish chicken so i am excited to see how these babies turn out!

Everyday I was checking under her to see if they had hatched yet, as you can tell i was super excited! I skipped a day and  then went out and there were some fluffy babies under her. Each day  there were a few more that hatched and I believe we ended with a total of eleven. We ended up moving her and the babies out of the coop into one of our big rabbit hutches that way we didn’t have to worry about the other chickens getting to them or the babies escaping. This way the momma hen and the babies could have their time together and she is such a good momma. She is so protective, once you open the door she puffs up and blocks you from her babies.

We are working on building an enclosure for them as they get older so they all can go in and out safely. This way the momma can still be with them and so they can go outside. It will be nice to have an enclosure like this so if we have any other babies down the road we can just put them in here and know that they will be safe!

We have probably around 50 chickens on our farm. We have them seperated into three places; Once they are ready to be moved out of the house were put them in an enclosure. Then once they are about half way grown we move them to one of the main chicken coops. Then once they get full grown and stop producing eggs we move them back to the big chicken barn where they live out the rest of their days! Heres a blog post where you can meet our chickens!

I hope you enjoyed learning about our chickens! We love getting different kinds of chickens and sharing them over on Instagram with you! Head to Instagram and follow us @thesweetfluff to get your daily dose of all thing cute and fluffy!

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