Showing Up and Making Connections

Think of someone you follow on Instagram. Someone that you’ve never met in person, but you would recognize them if you crossed paths in public. You may even feel familiar with their personality, their style, or their thoughts on a specific topic. Maybe you even trust this person’s opinion, because they’ve shared enough of their heart with you on social media consistantly and you feel a connection. Do you think you would be more likely to support a cause that they were supporting rather than a random company asking for your money? Maybe you would, or maybe you wouldn’t!  But the truth is, most people like to rally behind people that they feel a connection to. Think of how this relates to your presence on social media. Are you showing up consistently and creating a connection with your audience?

Get your face out there, show your personality!

I’ve had similar conversations with several different women lately who wonder why they aren’t getting engagement on their content and followers who are interested in what they’re promoting. What I have seen SO often is that they do not show their face on Instagram!

Their followers don’t even know what their face looks like, or their voice sounds like – how are they supposed to tell you apart from the millions of users trying to do the same thing as you are? My point is- you need to be showing up, sharing your personality, SHOWING YOUR FACE in order to rally people behind your cause. 

Start NOW!

So, my challenge to you today is to just show up. What is one thing you can do right now to make an impression on your audience? Maybe ask them a question face to face, and genuinely respond to their answer. Maybe share a story from your day that they might relate to. Maybe, share the behind the scenes of a project that you’re currently working on. Get your face out there and make some connections! 

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