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Libby is absolutely obsessed with everything bubble gum so when I saw that Big Train had bubble gum flavored powder for making sweet drinks I had to order it!! The powder itself is white in color, but when you add liquid to it it turns a soft pink. I decided i needed to make something bubble gum flavored for Libby so we came up with a Bubble Gum Freezer. She was so excited when i started to make it and loved that it was pink!

This bubble gum flavoring is quite strong, so after testing out a few different combinations we decided it tasted best with some vanilla cappucine added to it. I think this is definitely more of a taste for a young sweet tooth. It’s certainly not a favorite of mine, but the kids have requested it several times since I first made it for them. Claire isn’t too far behind with loving this Bubble Gun Freezer as much as Libby does.
Luckily, this tasty drink is super easy to make and you could decorate it anyway you’d like so it would be perfect for any themed party. It can just be for a fun afternoon celebration with the kids as well. Of course Libby loves when we add cute decoration to the drinks. It’s probably her favorite part aside from testing them. She added whipped cream, sprinkles, and other little candies to the Bubble Gum Freezer.
I hope you all love and try this yummy bubble gum freezer! I am sure your kiddos will absolutely love it as much as you do! I hope you all love it and try this recipe, make sure to let us know if you make it! Tag us on Instagram @livesweet and #livesweetrecipes so we can see what you made!

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