Blended Taro Fluff Drink with Boba

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This blended taro fluff with boba is one of my absolute favorite drinks i have made! I have made well over 20 or 30 sweet drink recipes now and this blended taro fluff with boba is my go to drink to make. Atleast once a week i am making this drink for myself, it is just that yummy. Taro has always been a favorite of mine, but blending it wih the toasted marshmallow syrup and vanilla cappacine just brings it over the top. It gives it so much flavor and it is just so delicious. 

Like I always say depending on your taste preference you can adjust the ingredients. You might have to add a little more of something or add a little less of something to make it just how you want it! The taro powder, toasted marshmallow syrup, and the vanilla cappuccino are something I always keep on hand at all times. They are very versatile and can be used in so many different recipes and are just great add ons. You  can make this with or without boba, I am obsessed with boba so that is why I add it!
This blended taro fluff with boba drink would be so perfect for a unicorn or mermaid themed party. The color is such a beautiful purple it would be so fun to have at a party! I get so excited when my drinks turn out to be such fun colors and the kids love it too!
Definitely keep the vanilla cappuccino and toasted marshmallow syrup on hand at all times if you make my drink recipes! I used them in a ton and have so many more new recipes coming up with them in it. The holiday season is coming up and these two flavors are perfect for winter time! Of course I can’t forget about fall, I have some yummy pumpkin recipes I will be sharing here soon! 
Are you a boba lover like me? If so i have another amazing recipe for you that has boba in it! Brown sugar milk tea recipe is another hit in our house and it has yummy boba in it! If you have tried or plan on trying our recipes make sure to let us know! Tag us on Instagram @livesweet and hashtag #livesweetrecipes so we can see what you make!
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