Sweet Swinging Indoor Swings

We have a room in our house that we call the studio and it is set up specifically for the kids. It is mainly their fun and creative hangout room. They have a craft space, a couch, television, eating table, doll dress up, and swings. I wanted a space that was fun, but also somewhere to keep there things so they weren’t flooding out into every room of the house.

When most people come into our house and see that we have swings in our house they just can’t believe their eyes. It is such a fun thing to have in your home and the kids absolutely love them. They are perfect for when the weather is gross out, for taking pictures, but they just add a whimsical touch to your home. It is something I would have loved having in my house as a kid so I am so thrilled that I could give my kids one!

This gorgeous swing is from Sweet Swinging (@sweet.swinging) and made out of Live Sweet fabric. I just can’t get over how cute it is and it goes so well with our home! Our sweet Claire Bear loves to go in it and be pushed around. The kids love to sit there and push her higher and higher in it as she giggles away.

It’s a really great piece for anyone’s home. I love watching the kids make memories in it, but also giggle with one another and just bond over pushing it around. It’s soft and cozy for your little ones to sit in comfortably. It hangs up easily, nice and sturdy which is a great feeling to know that it is secure. Your little ones will absolutely love it and so will you!

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  • TinaLook at that beautiful little girl! She’s just “just a swingin'” (do you know that song?)

  • LindseyThank You! and yes of course