Morning Routine

Sticking to a healthy morning routine is great! Just having a routine, in general, can keep you on track and helps you get things done. For years now every morning, I have a smoothie. We have six mouths to feed in the morning so a smoothie is an easy and simple breakfast for everyone to enjoy. Normally we have a strawberry smoothie, but lately, I’ve been going outside of the box and making a refreshing orange smoothie.

Every morning I wake up, get around, get the kids around, do the animals, and make sure everyone is fed and happy. Then I start my morning routine of taking Vitamin C, Probiotic, 1 tbsp. of Elderberry Syrup, and then drink a fruit smoothie with Greek Yogurt!

It’s really important at any time of the year to be taking these things. Especially during the wintertime when it is much easier to get sick. Elderberry gives you an extra punch that helps you fight off the flu with naturally supporting your immune system. Vitamin C also helps with boosting your immune system which we all could use! Probiotics help with digestion, but also with adding more good bacteria to your system and making your gut happy. Greek yogurt also has probiotics in it so I always add that to my fruit smoothies.

I would love to hear what your morning or even daily routine consists of! It’s so important to develop one and to stick to it. Which can be challenging sometimes because life happens, but you always have to try your best. Right now, since we are all quarantined, is the perfect time to create a routine and to stay up on your health!

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