Puppy Care Cart

Simplifying puppy care!

Winnie, our new puppy lives upstairs with me in my bedroom It’s where her cage is, her favorite toys are and she has a ton of room to run around. I decided to have Winnie live upstairs with me not only because that is where my bedroom is and I can keep an eye on her, but also because my office is up there as well. I am in my office almost 8 hours a day so its just the perfect spot for her to be.

Being upstairs a large majority of the time and having to run up and down the steps to get stuff for her has become a pain. I’d be having to go up and down numerous times a day for cleaner, paper towels, wipes, new blankets, and to throw things in the garbage. I finally decided that I should just get a cart. It would just be so much easier, it would look cute, and everything would be organized. So I decided to put together a Puppy Care Cart.

This specific cart I got from Ikea, but you can get these carts really from just about anywhere. What we included on out cart:

  • Pee pads disposable and washable
  • Cleaning spray that is safe for animals
  • Paper towels
  • Baby wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A bin for her toys
  • Whimzee treats
  • Dog Food
  • Water bottles
  • A basket for her collar, little sweaters, brush, or any care products
  • Garbage can

I use this cart everyday and it is such a life saver. I wish I had thought to make one of these with my other dogs in the past. It’s so helpful with keeping everything organized and in one place so you know exactly where everything is. It’s inexpensive which is great and it is such a life saver when it comes to having a puppy in the house!

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