Finn’s 4th Birthday Celebration!

Oh my word! My sweet Finny boy is growing up so fast! It seems like it was yesterday when he was learning to walk and talk. I have loved every minute of watching my sweet boy become the fun energetic adventurer he is.  He loves to be outdoors, dig holes, and go on bike rides and hikes with Noah and Phil. He definitely has inherited his daddy’s adventurous spirit! Finn is such a hard worker and loves to help out in the barnyard and feed the animals.  He loves being mommy and daddy’s little helper.  One of the things I love most about my Finn is his personality. He’s just the type of person you always want to be around and makes everything so much fun. Finn is full of energy and brings so much life and joy into our home. He’s definitely kept me on my toes since he found his footing as a baby and never ceases to give the juiciest kisses and best smiles. 

Finn turned four-years-old back in the beginning of March! It’s crazy how fast time flies. Life has been so busy that I finally had a chance to write about my boy’s special day. This year, Noah and I partnered together to pick out Finns presents. Finn’s really into all of his brother’s big boy toys so Noah helped pick out the perfect gifts for Finn. He really felt like a big boy when he got to open up all of his gifts!

Finn’s favorite activity is riding his bike around our place so I made him this amazing mountain bike trail cake! His cake turned out so amazing. My kids and I had so much fun making it for him and topped it off with a tiny bicycle to complete the look! Finn loved it so much. He had so much fun just seeing his cake throughout the day and grinned from ear to ear when we gathered together to sing Happy Birthday. His highlight for the day had to be blowing out the candles! He laughed and giggled so much my heart could hardly take it. 

My family and I had so much fun celebrating our sweet Finny. One of my favorite moments this year was every time someone would say happy birthday to Finn, he would respond back to them with an enthusiastic happy birthday! For instance, Noah would go up to Finn and say, “Happy Birthday Finn!” and Finn would reply, “Happy Birthday Noah!” It was just the cutest interaction because he thought it was the way he was supposed to respond. He literally did it everytime! Throughout the day Finn had these silly little moments that I cherish in my heart.

In between him playing and running around he would come up to me and say with so much excitement, “Is today my boofday?!” and “I get more pwesents today?” He still has his cute little way of saying words. I love seeing him grasping a day dedicated to him but not quite fully understanding. It’s the cutest thing seeing my kids discover these significant milestones in their life and growing more aware of what birthday’s represent in our family; the gift of new life. Finny’s life has blessed us so much and it has been my greatest privilege to love him, raise him and watch him grow. 

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