Bunny Care Basics

Caring for your little balls of fluff!

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a love for animals. Nothing over the year has changed other then my love grows stronger for them. When I was about twelve or thirteen years old we had to get rid of our cats, due to relatives being allergic to them, this was heartbreaking to me. I wanted to get another pet but I just couldn’t decide on what to get. I wanted something that was going to be soft and cuddly so I had to think a bit outside of the box since we couldn’t have a cat.

I did a ton of research and discovered pet rabbits. I researched how to care for a pet bunny, different breeds, and I even found some breeders and contacted them. We ended up starting a pet bunny farm and it really became a huge hobby of mine that I fell in love with. My dad and I built a bunny barn that we painted pink together. It was really a special place that I would go all the time and made me really fall in love with raising rabbits.

I’ve had bunnies almost all of my life. Now that we live out in the country we have quite a few bunnies. Some of them live inside and others live outside in different pens we have built, or little buildings that we have bought. We also do have a few litters a year, we usually will keep one of them and then sell or give away the others as pets. It really has been such a blessing that Libby and I get to share this passion together. She loves them just as much as I do and it’s a great way for us to bond and spend special time together. It allows me to guide her on how to take care of them properly and they really are an amazing first pet to have. They require some work like all animals do, but they are really consistent in what they need and it is easy enough for kids to help.

It’s really important to get a strong enclosure for them whether they are inside or outside. You don’t want them to be able to get out and you don’t want anything to be able to get in.

Our indoor rabbits are litter boxed trained. You want to start this as soon as you can, so once you get a cage set up instantly start this. Over the years we have found that you don’t need a ton of litter in the box. Just enough to coat the bottom, this being said you will need to change it every day or every two days.

We change the water and food every day or every other day. When starting out with a baby bunny we usually put a water dish in the cage with them. As they get older we will put a water bottle on the side of the cage to switch them over. Once they get the hang of the water bottle and start to use it more and more we then take the water dish out. It’s also great to give them some hay to chew on, trust me they will love it!

Bunnies really love to have cubby’s to go into. We have little caves and boxes for them to go into and hide. We also bought this critter hammock that our new baby bunnies have been loving! Hay balls are also a huge hit with them, they like to chew on them and roll it around. Any rabbit related toy is good to have, it’s good to keep them busy and happy!

It’s always fun to have a little room or area set up that the bunny can roam freely in. It’s just great to give them some time out of their cage, but it also allows you to interact with them more and helping them become more friendly. Like I stated before rabbits are pretty low maintenance and are a great first pet choice. They are perfect for kids to learn how to love, take care of, and learn to respect animals.

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  • CPSuper cute bunny houses! The only thing I would disagree on would be there should always be a water bowl vs a bottle. Bunnies can drink as much as a small dog. A water bottle is slow and can malfunction. Just stick with the bowl and unlimited grass hay ☺️

  • LindseyHi Love, We do tend to give the a bowl as well, but always a bottle because they tend to spill the bowls!