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We would like to welcome today’s artist Michelle of Misala Handmade! I discovered Misala several years ago and immediately fell in love with her adorable creations! She makes the cutest little coin purses and clutches and her little animals are just to die for!! The quality is amazing and so detailed and the fabrics are perfectly selected and matched. I couldn’t be more pleased with Misala’s creations! This little pink hippo is my new favorite little trinket holder and I can’t wait to fill her up with all of my tiny essentials!!

Live Sweet

What’s your favorite sweet treat?: Strawberry Pie

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate?: Milk

What is your favorite time of day to create?: I create when I have the mood for it, and an inspiration can come at any time of the day. If it comes at midnight I would keep thinking about it all night long if I do not wake myself up and sew…

What’s your favorite holiday?: New Year’s Eve! It officially marks the end of the busy busy holiday period, finally time to get some rest!

What color describes your personality best?: Black and white. I am straightforward and down-to-the-point!

If you had one what was the name of your childhood imaginary friend?: I had 4 sisters and a brother. Never had the chance to have an imaginary friend!

What makes your life sweeter?: Crafting!

Why do you create what you create?: In the beginning it was nothing more than a hobby to kill time. But now I am hooked after doing it for 4 years, it will be my lifelong ambition to become a master sewist and designer of bags.

What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops?: There are too many to choose from! Here’s the top three off the top of my head:
Shop Sparkly Pony
Little Goodall

Live SweetWhy do you create what you create?: I started Misala Handmade back in 2010 when me and my husband were living in Dubai. Growing up in Hong Kong and having not lived in a foreign city before, I was the expatriate wife who had difficulties adjusting to the new life. In frustration, I picked up sewing as a hobby and started making bags and purses from the few purse frames I brought with me in my luggage.

With my husband’s help, I’ve been crafting for the past 4 years for customers from all around the world. We decided last summer that we should take Misala a step further by growing it beyond a hobby. So we moved to Taipei, the design capital of Asia, to launch our workshop.

With my creations I examine and explore the many different possibilities of a kiss-lock purse frame. I try not to think from the traditional angle and make wedding clutches or purses but rather prefer to develop the notion and get creative. Animal shaped coin purses are my best sellers, but they are just one of the many facets of what the metal kiss-lock purse frames can do.

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To follow Misala on Facebook and Instagram just click below!

Instagram user name: misalahandmade
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/misala.purse

And to view and shop her adorable creations visit her Etsy shop!

Misala Handmade

Live Sweet Photography

Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with Misala Handmade; all views are my own

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