Eat Sweet Fridays: Macaroon Love

Who is not totally in love with Macaroons right now! I have been swooning over them for quite some time now! I have made them several times and they are a little tricky but so worth it because they are both delicious and adorable! I always used to think they must taste bad because how could something be so cute and taste yummy to but turns out they taste almost as good as they look!! I had fun looking through Pinterest to find some Macaroon inspiration to share with you here. I hope these get your mouth watering and maybe you even find a recipe you like and can give it a try. I know I am hoping to get to make some of these cuties again soon!

live sweet macaroons

Images By: Miss Renaissance, Teeny Cakes, Wedding Chicks, Linda on Flickr, JChongStudio, Stelllar Sky, Trekkerjen


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