Lindsey’s little lambs: May Edition


Some might say I have a crush on my lambs! I thought that after taking care of them and all the mess that comes with that and the fact they are getting bigger I might have started falling out of love with them a little bit by now but it’s not happening, they are in my heart to stay! They are so funny and such little sweeties! My wonderful handsome husband built me and well them a adorable barn that I can not wait to decorate and paint and make all sorts of cuteness go on in and around it! The sheep are loving it and so am I!

LivesweetphotographyEvery morning we head out to let them out of the barn and give them their morning bottle. They are totally weaned from milk replacer but just like my children I have let them hold onto what I like to call their comfort bottle! I am a sucker for babies, you’ve figured that out by now I’m sure. They love their morning grain and then they spend the morning grazing around the barn yard.


Most afternoons we either take them for a walk or let them out into our field for some fresh grass grazing. They just love that bright green grass and get so excited every time they come out of their pen to get it. They can’t have too much fresh grass all at once as their bellies aren’t adjusted to it yet so we limit them each day. In the evenings we trek out and call for them to come home for the night. It is quite the site with me and the kids and two bottles of water for the lambs baaaing our way down the driveway. Libby is the best baaaer of us all and once they hear us baaaing away they come running! It is the sweetest thing, they baaa back and then they follow us into the barn to get their bottles, some grain and tucked in for the night! The kids love playing in the barn and helping out any way they can! We are all enjoying them so much and I am so happy I decided to take on backyard farming while the kids are little and can really soak it all up!


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  • ChrisHi – I stumbled on your instagram feed and I loved it. I’m an animal lover, too. I was wondering how much land you have. I would love to have some farm animals, but we only have 3.5 acres. I wonder if it’s enough. Your photos are so pretty and I love seeing your kids and animals interacting.

  • LindseyHi Chris, You would be just fine with a few acres if you are only doing a small farm! It is a lot of work but so rewarding!! Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!