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We would like to welcome today’s artist Barbara of Belle Accessories! We just love Barbara’s beautiful creations! They are so simple yet so beautiful! I love statement pieces that are full of color and Barbara’s pieces are certainly that!

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What’s your favorite sweet treat?: I absolutely love fruity and creamy tarts! There are so many good cake shops here in Austria! My favorite is maracuya cake (speciality of a local confectionery in Salzburg)

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? milk chocolate – yummy!

What is your favorite time of day to create?: whenever I have time – this is mostly in the evening and by night

What’s your favorite holiday?: being in nature – by the sea in the off-peak seasons or on the lake where I grew up. I love water, long beach walks and mild summer evenings

What color describes your personality best?: I think lilac – it’s a mix of two things: there is some red in it for my tough and powerful side but it includes also blue for my calm and sensitive side.

If you had one what was the name of your childhood imaginary friend?: I had a funny imaginary friend in my childhood: a jolly little man who lived in puddles and his name was „Pfützi“ (from German „Pfütze“ for „puddle“). He appeared always when it was raining and when I was walking outside with my mum or dad. It was fun to chat with him 🙂

What makes your life sweeter?: When I can laugh at least one time per day, the twittering of birds, cats, squirrels, a walk in the woods or along the beach and of course chocolate 😉

Why do you create what you create?: In some way I’m leading a double life as a lot of creative people: In my day job I’m working in an office but in my free time I’m able to live out my creative side as jewelry and graphic designer.
I create minimalist designed jewelry made of different materials like wood, natural gemstones, seed beads, brass and yarn. I love simple and minimalist style but also all kind of colors and I love it to make things myself. I’m a maker with versatile arts and crafts interests like crocheting, needle felting, drawing and photography. What I totally enjoy is to work with my hands and make different things myself: jewelry, accessories, crocheted soft toys or paper goods. It’s also a pleasure for me to make other people happy with my creations.

The creating process itself is like meditation for me. While I’m creating I forget time and space around me and I’m totally bound up in my work. Creating is my calling and it fills my heart with so much joy!

What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops?
Hard to mention only 3 Etsy shops as favourites, but here they are:
art: TheBlackbirdSings
jewelry: Tzunuum
illustrated goods: Mipluseddesign

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To follow Belle Accessories on Facebook and Instgram just click below!

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/BelleAccessoires2

Instagram User Name: @rabara2

And to view and shop her adorable creations visit her Etsy shop!

Belle Accessories

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Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration withBelle Accessoires; all views are my own

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