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We are so excited for you to meet Georgia of Hoopsy Daisies !! I just adore her personalized little embroidery hoops! They are just darling and make such a special little gift! Georgia made me this cute little hoop with Live Sweet on it, it is so special and I can’t wait to find the perfect place to display it! She offers all different styles, colors, size and designs and these hoops are wonderful for in a nursery, living room or anywhere you want to hang something cute!! I hope you get to jump over to her shop and find something adorable for someone you love!!

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate?: I’m a big fan of chocolate!!!

What is your favorite time of day to create?: I always work with daylight.

What’s your favorite holiday?: Christmas!

What color describes your personality best?: I could say gold!!

What makes your life sweeter?: My son.

Why do you create what you create?: I create embroidery hoops and paper garlands.I really like mixing colors and making new things.My favorite part is when i make custom things.

What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops?: There are so many shops that i love. If i had to choose some of them,these would be:


What advice would you give someone just starting out selling handmade?: Love what you do!!

About you and what you create: Hi everyone, I’m Georgia! I was born and raised in Athens. I have studied Interior Design & Decoration and I have cooperated with many offices in this field.
Even thought my mum had introduced me to a variety of arts and crafts, when I started working I focused only on my job. I took up handmade creations when I was pregnant with my son and I never stopped since then. HoopsyDaisies.etsy.com came to life on April 2012. In my shop you will find decorative embroidered hoops, paper garlands and wood collages. All of them add a colorful touch of decoration to your homes and your lives.
What I love most about my handmade work is custom orders. A new item is created just for you and your personal space!

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

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Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with Hoopsy Daisies; all views are my own.

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