Over the last few months God has put it on my heart to share our sweet Libby’s story. Her whole story, from the beginning, the good, the bad and the ins and outs of adoption. Adoption has grown to be a huge passion of mine over the last two years and I want to share about with anyone who will listen. I want to help educate those who might not know much about it. I want to share real life stories with those who might want to move towards it. God has worked in me in amazing ways through our adoption and the blessing of it is more than I can comprehend. I am renewed in Him and am a better person today because of it, I want to to share that blessing with others.  Now all I need is the courage to put it on paper, to write down all of the joys and the heartaches, and the love and blessings. Today I am telling you this, so that you can hold me accountable to tell our story. I know this is something that will be very hard for me but I hope that it encourages many others who might just need to hear it at this moment in their lives! Love Lindsey

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