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Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.comMeet Crystal of Made Devine ! Isn’t this such a unique print! I am always on the hunt for beautiful and different things to add to my office decor and this little silk wrap is just perfect! I love that it is both elegant and fun and the quality is fantastic!! Her products would make wonderful graduation or wedding gifts! I love all of the sweet and encouraging sayings that you can get on them and they come in all different colors!! This little guy is sitting happily in my office to greet me each morning and I just love it!

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

What’s your favorite sweet treat?: My favorite sweet treat are fresh cut apples with caramel dip – YUM!

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate?: I actually prefer white chocolate 🙂

What is your favorite time of day to create?: My favorite time of day to create is in the afternoon. The sun is shining nice and bright and it gives me so much natural light to work with in my studio.

What’s your favorite holiday?: My favorite holiday is Christmas. There’s something magical about the smell of pine, the crisp winter air and the bright Christmas lights that doesn’t compare to any other holiday.

What color describes your personality best?: The color that matches my personality would have to be green. It combines the optimism of yellow and the calmness of blue. Green represents nature, growth, energy and I channel those things into my life and the products that I create.

If you had one what was the name of your childhood imaginary friend?: I didn’t have a imaginary friend growing up, but I did have a Cabbage Patch doll named Melissa who went everywhere with me until I got into my teens.

What makes your life sweeter?: My life is sweeter because I am able to let my imagination run wild and create some cool products with my own hands. The cherry on top is when people purchase my items and my art has now become a part of their lives as well.

Why do you create what you create?: I like to decorate my home and workspace with quotes that uplift me and bring a smile to my face. I create my products because I think people should surround themselves with good and positive things. I believe my prints can be that thing that you happen to see on one of your tough days and it will encourage you to keep going and to never lose faith.

What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops?: I have soooo many favorites, but the top three Etsy shops that I visit regularly are (1) Oh My Deer Handmades because her calligraphy is stunning and I love the simplicity of her designs; (2) Myrakim’s Twigs & Honey because her headpieces are a work of art and I love how she uses natural and organic shapes in each piece, (3) Prints & Originals from Yellena because all of her illustrations are masterpieces and I love how she uses color to bring them to life.

What advice would you give someone just starting out selling handmade?: If you are just starting out in selling a handmade product, my advice would be not to rush anything and give yourself time to develop something that is unique. When I first started out, I tried to create too many items and didn’t really focus on one thing. As a result, my designs seemed incomplete. Take the time to make something that defines you and can’t be found anywhere else.

About Crystal:  Hi there, my name is Crystal! I am a graphic designer and my shop is called Made Divine. I create and sell wedding vow holder keepsakes, silk invitation folios with invitation suites, and motivational prints which are all handmade by me. I love to use different materials and crafting techniques to create my pieces. Check out my shop and I l hope to create something special for you! Crystal 🙂
Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

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Sweet Creations www.livesweetblog.com

Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with Made Divine; all views are my own.

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