The Barn Yard and $15 Off Code for our Sweet Life Online Workshop!!

We have been having the best times out in our magical barn yard lately!! I have a big time crush on all kinds of swings and I knew we had to somehow incorporate some into the barn yard. I had know idea when I originally had this thought that things would turn out so dreamy!! We put up a big painted wooden swing that Fil had made for us and just had never hung several years ago and I spray painted an old tire gold to make this fabulous gold tire swing that I am absolutely in love with!!

I wanted to share a few fun photo tips with you again today so you can get another little feel for some of the fun we will be teaching in our upcoming Sweet Life Photography Workshop !!

Photo Tip 1) Sometimes I set things up a bit to get the look I want but I still want to see the kids being themselves. I may ask Noah to jump on the swing and face a certain way so that I make sure to get the barn in the background instead of just the trees. He is still playing and having fun and it’s not taking from the naturalness of the image but it makes for a much prettier picture. This is a good way to get a great image without making it feel posed.

Photo Tip 2) I know this is probably hard for most of you to believe but sometimes my children are still in their pajamas at 6 O’clock at night and sometimes those pajamas don’t match the magic that I want to convey in my images! None the less this is our true everyday life and what I want to capture so I snap away! One way that I will magic up my images when clothing or something else in the picture doesn’t fit quite right is by turning the image black and white. It is fast and simple but something that can change the whole mood of an image and make something good into something great! (we will be discussing my favorite apps and editing software in the class!!)

Photo Tip 3) Sometimes the funniest things happen when you least expect them!! I wanted to snap a picture of Noah on our new swing and I turned around to see him holding one of our little chicks like a baby!! Had I not had my phone on me I would have missed this hysterical moment! If at all possible keep either a camera or your phone with camera near at all times, you never know when something might happen that you never want to forget!!

The kids are both loving the swings and I am enjoying just being out with my babies and my baby animals enjoying this beautiful summer weather. Everything seems to just slow down or even come to a complete stop when we are out in the barn yard, and I love it! It’s like a whole other little world out there where no one can bother us and we can all just dream the afternoon away! I am so thankful for this special little place I have to share with my babies.

We are so excited for our upcoming Sweet Life Photography Workshop Online and we want you all to be able to join us!! We decided to offer a very special coupon code for two days only for $15 off the $195 class fee making our amazing class only $180!! This is such a special price and registration is only open for a little bit longer so we hope you can sign up now to join the fun!! Head to our registration page add the workshop to your cart and then enter code: sweetlife15 while in your cart!! We can’t wait to share these wonderful three weeks of inspiration with you soon!

Sweet Life Photography Workshop

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