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I would like to introduce you all to a good friend of mine who is sharing his time and life with so many to make a difference! My friend Jake has a heart of gold and has spent many months over the past several years traveling to Ethiopia to help care for and love on the people there. I am so honored to call him a friend and although I know I myself will not be making the trip with him I can’t help but want to reach out in love and support the great things he is doing to help so many sweet babes!


I am so excited to share that we will be having a huge Sweetie Instagram sale this Wednesday night at 9pm est over on our @livesweetsale page to help support Jakes upcoming trip! Five dollars from each Sweetie sold and then some will be going to my wonderful friend Jake who is raising funds to go do amazing things for children in Ethiopia! You know how my heart goes out to orphans and those sweet babies less fortunate and I can’t wait to see what amazing things Jake will do while staying in Ethiopia for 6 months! Read below about some of the blessings he already has been apart of over the years!


Over the course of four years, God has put a very special place in the center of my young life. I identify “Korah” as more than just an urban slum on the outskirts of Addis Ababa Ethiopia. To me Korah defines more than just a physical location, it is at the center of my most meaningful relationships, and the beginning of my spiritual journey. I begin my first short term mission trip with the ambition to change the lives of people who were suffering in urban poverty, and to make it somewhat better for them. Writing this years later, I can tell you my ambition was admirable, but far off the mark. I have learned so much by observing, and making relationships with the community of korah, and in the end I myself have learned far more than I ever could have taught them.


Just four months ago, I witnessed first hand the painful reality of everyday life in Korah, I met a young boy name “Alayu”. When I first met Alayu, he was walking through korah with his eyes covered in rags, and an amputated leg from a recent accident in the trash dump. Alayu suddenly tripped in front of me, and was thrown to the ground. Unable to see where he was going he lost his balance and fell. He looked so defeated and helpless. I had no idea who this boy was, but I had every intent of helping him. As I began to learn more about Ayalu, I found out he had recently lost his mother, and was HIV positive. I could not begin to comprehend how any child could bare that many challenges at such a young age. That entire day Alayu’s story would not leave my mind, God had put him on my heart. The next day I carried Alayu into the local medical clinic, and asked the nurse to do whatever she could to make him feel better. We cleaned his eyes, and prayed over him, and with nothing else we could do, we left it in Gods hands. Just one week ago, I felt a small hand touch my back, as I turned around, there was Alayu looking up at me with both eyes as good as new. He took a few steps back, showing off his new prosthetic leg, he was as proud as can be. He had a big smile on his face, and all I could do is embrace him. For much of that morning he would not leave my side. He was a whole new person, it was truly miracle.


I never experienced first hand a story of redemption as mighty as this. God has a special purpose for Alayu’s life, and trials have been turned into praise. He has forever changed my life, and will always remain very close to my heart. I look forward to watching Alayu grow up to be a strong leader, and voice for Korah. I set of to change lives, and in return my life was forever changed by a courageous young boy named “Alayu”.


This is just one story out of thousands in Korah. The last 4 years I have made it my mission to reach as many lives as possible through working with a small non profit organization called Hope for Korah. I have had the privilege of working with this organization for several years, and now serve on the board. This summer I have an amazing opportunity to move to Ethiopia, and work full time for the ministry. While in Korah I will be working on advancing our youth programs, such as our after school soccer program, and community action project. I also will be working in our vulnerable people compound, as well as our elders compound that meets the needs of elderly men who have contracted leprosy. Looking back, I have learned so much about the importance of human life, and how we must bring dignity, and respect to those who have been born into a state of extreme poverty. I feel humbled to be able to be a small part of a big change happening in the lives of those who call Korah home.


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read Jake’s story and I look forward to seeing you at our Instagram sale on Wednesday night at 9pm est @livesweetsale !! Now you can grab a Sweetie for some little one in your life while supporting love around the world!


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