LOVE LIFE PHOTO INSPIRATION: Capturing Relationships, IPhone Photography Tips

As we get ready for our Sweet Life Online Photography Workshop taking place June 1st – 19th I thought I would share a few fun tips here to get your excited and give you just a little taste of some of the fun we will be covering!! Registration opens this Wednesday the 13th at 9am so be sure to be ready to grab your spot!! Click here to find out more! I hope you all enjoy this one, it’s one of my favorites!

Capturing Relationships

This is such a super fun topic and can get you some of your most cherished pictures! I have always loved relationship photography, I love showing love and happiness between people especially children. It is just so sweet and joyous!


As a general rule when photographing relationships on your Iphone you want to get nice and close to your subjects. Most of the time the background doesn’t help tell the story or add to the feeling of the photo, of course there are certain times when it’s important to include the background to help tell your story but usually a nice tight crop on your subjects is best.

Having your subjects nice and close always makes for a nice relationship shot. Ask your kids to hug or lean on each other, you can also tell little ones to touch cheeks if you want that super sweet close relationship shot. A gentle kiss on the cheek usually makes for a super sweet picture as well!


This is another great time to practice shooting different angles. As you can see in a few of the photos below, Seneca took two pictures right in a row of Libby sleeping on me, one from the side and one from above. I love how they look so different and she just simply got up and moved to create a different look.

Another tip for getting great relationship pictures is to take several shots, the Iphone is not as quick as an SLR or even a point and shoot and can sometimes be shaky and you know one of your kiddos is bound to blink or wiggle around. So when I want to be sure to get one great shot of Noah and Libby together I always take at least five to ten images in a row and then go back and choose the best one.


I know everyone doesn’t like the be photographed, (don’t worry Im one of them so I know what it’s like) relationship pictures are a time to ask those that are important in your life to step in front of the camera and get a quick picture with the kids and other loved ones. Also photograph your kids with their friends. Above you will see several shots of Noah and Libby with some of our close friends. It is so important to capture all the relationships in your children’s lives. Your children will love having images of them with you and their family and friends, so stop for just a minute the next time a few of your loves are gathered and snap a couple pictures, you will be glad you did and so will your kids!


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These images were taken with my Iphone and most were edited with the wonderful apps PicTapGo and or Instagram

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