Registration is now open for our Sweet Life Workshop!!

Registration is now Open!! Click here to Register!!

Class Taking Place From June 1st-19th

The Sweet Life Online Photography Workshop

By Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet

The Sweet Life Photography Workshop

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I am so excited and honored that you have stopped by to learn more about taking our upcoming Sweet Life Workshop!! I have been dreaming about this class for a long time and to see it as a reality now is something awesome! I really wanted to think outside the box when I put this class together. I wanted to provide you with something different than all the other photography classes out there, something a little more hands on, a little more DIY and a lot more sweetness! This class will teach you some basics in the technical side of things but will mostly be focusing on compostion and inspiring you to live a sweeter and more creative life. It will encourage you to think outside of the box and to enjoy and capture all of those little moments in your life. You are all receiving a workbook along with your online material. The workbook does not cover everything you will be learning online but will have most of the fundamentals and is a wonderful tool for you to use and continue learning from on a daily basis. Your workbook is UV coated so please don’t be afraid to use and haul around your workbook with you. Take it to the park or on vacation for that little added inspiration to take more pictures of your family!The Sweet Life Photography Workshop

I have also included two very extra special parts to this workshop that I can’t wait to share with you! The first is called Instagram Crushes. I am so inspired daily by so many fabulous women in the Instagram community and I thought it would be fun to bring some of them together to share with you some of their beautiful images and how and why they composed them! I think we can all learn and be inspired so much by each other and am so excited for you to not only learn from me but from all of these amazing women as well!!

I am so excited to share with you from so many women who are at the top of their fields! Thank you to the following amazingly inspirational women who shared their images and tips with us!

Angie Monson of Simplicity Photography, Emily Ley of Emily Ley Stationery, Laura Winslow of Laura Winslow Photography, Emily Anderson of The Anderson Crew, Marsha Mifsud of The Savvy Photographer, Joy Prouty of WildFlowers Photography, Lynzy Coughlin of Sparkling Footsteps, Amanda Rydell of Be Crafty Workshop, Rosie Alyea of Sweetapolita, Stevie Pattyn of Shop Sweet Lulu, Amy Jordan of Amy J.Delightful, Seneca Lewis of Photography by Seneca, Casey Chappell of Casey Chappell Photography, Haley Scott of Fashion and Me, Nikki of Jeadore Blog, Rebekah Stanfill of Southern Charm PortraitsKelli France of Kelli France Photography, Vanessa Warren of Butterfly Sparks, Shannon Sewell of Shannon Sewell Photography

My second special part to the workshop will be focusing on DIY photo projects. We will have several fun and creative projects that you can make with your pictures instead of just leaving them on your phone or camera. I would like to inspire and encourage you to print and use your pictures for something beautiful! I hope you will all enjoy this class and will feel inspired to live a more creative, sweeter life! My pictures mean so much to me and I cherish them all and I hope I am able to share some new and fun ways to help you create more meaningful images for you and your family to cherish for years to come!!

The Sweet Life Photography Workshop

You will learn tips and techniques to photograph both the big and small but oh so important moments in your life! This workshop is perfect for the budding amateur photographer, mom, pet lover, vacationer and everyone in between!

Topics to be covered:
•Capturing Real Smiles
•Photographing the Details of Life
•Getting Better Relationship Pictures
•Photographing Your Pets
•Learn to be more Comfortable in Front of the Camera
•Favorite apps
•Favorite  labs
•Backing up your Portrait and Why it’s so Important
•Instagram Crushes and Inspiration
•DIY Photo Booth
•Learn how to make you own Instagram Wall and Instagram Garland

The Sweet Life Photography Workshop

Cost: $195 

What you will get:
•Three weeks of online learning in our blog style class
•Weekly homework assignments and critiques
•A place to post questions and get feedback
•An awesome workbook that includes most of the lessons that is just the cutest and can fit right into your purse or diaper bag for on the go learning!
•An adorable little camera tote bag filled with lots and lots of Live Sweet goodies 

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The Sweet Life Photography Workshop


As most of you have seen I have been having a ball taking product photos recently for both myself and for other small businesses!! I am super excited to be adding one day a week of teaching on how to photograph your products better!! This will dip into styling, natural light and other great tips, tricks to get your products recognized and looking fabulous!!

Sweet Life Workshop

What people are saying about our In Person Sweet Life Workshop:

Krista writes:  Inspired and confident with my camera is how I felt after the Sweet Life Workshop.  The technical aspect, which has always intimidated me, was explained and laid out simply in the sweetest book that I have used as a references a few times!  Lindsey has such a passion for photographing every day life, it is easy to feel inspired by her words of advice!  Great great class!

Gina writes: The Sweet Life workshop with the adorable Lindsey Bonnice, was great! I enjoyed it and got some great shooting tips from Lindsey for both my iPhone and real camera. The workbook is the best!!! It’s so super cute and full of good information to reference very easily. My only recommendation is to be a little familiar with your camera before going. It would be beneficial to you to know how to change the aperture, shutter speed, & exposure before the workshop. This is not a techy workshop. It’s full of the cute stuff!! I would definitely recommend this to all moms who want all those great shots of their little ones doing all the cute stuff!

The Sweet Life Photography Workshop

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  • NickiHi, I’m very sad I can’t attend your workshop because I’m on holiday with no internet connection at that time. I’m wondering if you’ll ever do another workshop any time soon? I’d love love love to learn more about photography, so please let me know! Thank you xx

  • LindseyHi Nicki, We will leave the class open for a whole month after if you’d like to try or we will have it again in the fall!

  • CourtneyTrying to register for the workshop but the page pops up saying it can not be found ?
    I don’t want to miss out