Posey’s Christmas Pen!

Pigs and Christmas, two of my favorite things so why not combine them!! I had a blast decorating Posie’s pen for Christmas, two years ago I designed Santa piggies for our shop so I knew those pillows and blankets would tie in perfectly when I decorated.

I obviously couldn’t include much in her pen other then a few pillows and a blanket but I was able to hang lights on the back of the pen and garland in front and then I decorated as much as I could on the wall behind her!

Posies pen is from Clearly Loved Pets we’ve had this pen for years and it is absolutely amazing! It has held up so well and is the perfect spot to keep her out of trouble and have her own place to feel safe and cozy.

So often animal pens can be such an eyesore but I love that this one not only isn’t but it also has been so fun to dress up! I’m already dreaming of how I can decorate it for every season now!

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  • Takeirathis is so pretty i have two pigs and they are amazing

  • LindseyAww how fun!