Our Serama Baby Chicks

Have you heard of Serama chickens before? I hadn’t either until a few months ago when my mom decided to get some! She found a place just a few hours away that was selling some so she decided to get them. They are so tiny, they are actually the smallest breed in the world! Once they are full grown they are still rather small compared to normal chickens, almost miniature.

Serama chickens originated in Malaysia and they are new to the United States. Because of their size they are put into different classes with the most being up to 19 ounces! They have very big personalities with chirping a lot but also being very friendly, which we love! Libby loves helping with them, she just can’t get over their tiny size and how adorable they are!

When my mom got her Serama chickens they were matured and started laying eggs right away! We were rather surprised by this since it is rather cold out and egg production reduces in the winter, but also from the stress of bringing them home. One hen can lay up to 5 eggs a week which is great! Our chicks are still very little and are still living in the house so I imagine they will start to lay eggs by the late Spring!

Overall we love trying out new breeds of chicks on our farm. They all bring different personalities and different looks! They are all unique in their own ways and we love that. The kids love welcoming new baby chicks and being able to watch them grow! They are great animals to have to teach your children about the different life cycles they go through and to teach you kids how to care for them! The kids are very helpful when it comes to changing out bedding, food, water, and the transition process from indoors to outdoors!

Here is a great site I found that kind of tells the basic’s of these adorble chicks!

About Serama Chickens: Tiny Chickens with Huge Personalities (morningchores.com)

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