Christmas in the Loft!

The loft has been amazing since we have been home so much. The kids just love it so much and so do I! It helps bring so much character to the playroom and just adds so much to the area. I was so excited to decorate this for the first time this Christmas and make it extra special for the kids! I wanted to make sure we had tons of twinkle lights up and garland. I just wanted to make it super fun for them and something beautiful to look at!

I started by wrapping battery operated fairy lights around the railings. I put our big pink Christmas tree in the front and wrapped that in lights. I added some Christmas throw pillows, our giant cutieloo, a mini Christmas tree, and I added lights underneath so the kids can have some twinkle lights when they sit underneath the loft! I also hung four stockings and stuffed them with our adorable Live Sweet Christmas characters!

This turned out even more magical than I could have imagined. It creates such a wonderful centerpiece for the room and such a whimsical happy atmosphere. What more could you want?

My little Finny loves the Christmas loft the most! He gets so excited when he sees Christmas lights. When it gets dark he comes up to me saying ” Mama turn on the tree, turn on all the lights!” It’s just so much fun turning everything on and making it all sparkly ad fun for them. They have really been enjoying watching Christmas movies and sipping hot cocoa in the loft! I just love seeing how happy they are all curled up together and enjoying each other’s company in this whimsical space!

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