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Any room makeover wouldn’t be complete without the inspirations of Pinterest, would it?.I think not so during some of Libby’s feedings when I am sitting down cuddling her and she is dosing off to sleep I have been browsing around Pinterest for decorating and organizing ideas. Here are a few of my favorites below. I know we can never recreate a room nor would I want because it’s fun to be original but I do love taking a couple ideas from each room I see and love and put them all together to create my perfect room! Decorating really is such a fun art, where you pull things from lots of different places and by combing them together you can create something beautiful and functional!

Image One Source Via Tiny White Daisy’s I love the soft colors of this room, it is so inviting and sweet.  Image Two Source Via Young House Love This room looks like it has it’s own imagination! I love spaces that encourage creative play!

Image Source Via One Kin Design I love the huge letter in the playroom and the flags, the flags are so huge right now and I love it! We are definitely having flags in the playroom once I have time to make them, they make me feel like I am at a party and I like parties!

Photo one Image Source Via Love Mae  I am a bit obsessed with Love Mae stickers, I currently have them covering my computer that I am typing on as we speak, they are just so cheerful and cute! I will have to share more about them with you here soon since I know you will love them too! Libby’s nursery is sure to be covered with them when it is finished! Photo two Image Source Via French By Design While black and yellow are not my colors I do love how they used just the two colors to create this look and the stripes make it look so fresh and clean.

(Tent Image Via Oh Dear Drea) This tent is so cute! I love tents, I only have one tent up in the house right now and it’s in Noahs room, I really miss having a tent in the living room but there is just no space with all the baby gear in place now. I will be so excited when Libby gets old enough to enjoy a tent and we will have one up again for us all to cuddle and play and read in! This by Oh Dear Drea is darling and shows you how to make your very own tent! We will definitely be trying this out soon!

Image Source Via Hus O Hem This playroom looks very cute and functional, I love kids sized table and chairs, I would probably just have children sized table and chairs in my house if my husband and company would sit at them!

Image Source Via The Boo and the Boy This room is super adorable! The white gives it that crisp look and the little pops of color make me smile. It looks like there is a little hidden room in the tree wallpaper covered wall. I am crazy for secret little hidden, there will be at least one or two of them in the new house! Kids love to have a place that is just their size and their own (well and lets face it so do I, do you think I could fit in there and if so can I shut the door and take a nap)!

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