Our Sweet Life: Another Amazing Online Class! (The Inspired Home By The Define School)

I have been taking another online class this month and am having so much fun and learning lots! It is a class about creative Iphone photography, being more creative in your everyday life and balancing it all. These all sound like me right, it’s like this class was made just for me and I am enjoying it tremendously! It’s making me push myself in a good direction that I need and want to be moving in! I will share more about how the class has been super wonderful in my life over the next few weeks but for now I wanted to share with you my homework for the week as I am so excited how it turned out!

We had to take a picture of something creative we did with our kids, something mundane that we normally wouldn’t photograph and a picture that had ourselves in it.

Noah loves to bring all of the pillows from off of our beds down to the living room and have a big pillow party. It is amazing how something so simple can change the whole attitude of the day. With having an infant in the house I have been doing everything I can to keep up with daily chores and haven’t even wanted to think about creating extra mess so we have not had a pillow party since bringing the baby home but today it was time and I am so glad to be living a life where I can have a living room full of pillows again! Noah had a ball lining up and jumping on all the pillows and he was so excited when Libby came to cuddle with him on his pillow pile!

For my mundane image I chose to capture this image of my mother and Noah together. They have such an amazing bond and I cherish it so much but don’t often think to record it because they are together so much. Today Noah asked his B (that’s what he calls my mom) to read to him from his bible. He loves learning about God and it makes my heart happy! Normally I would not have gotten my phone out to snap a picture of this but today I did and I am so thankful to have such a special image. This lesson really inspired me to dig deeper into all the little things in life that are often the most important.

As with every other mother I am always the one behind the camera and not in front and I don’t mind one bit, but I also know and appreciate the importance of having pictures of myself with my kids. I don’t do it very often so this was a great reminder to ask someone else to snag some pictures of me in them too. We had a sleepover with some girlfriends on Saturday night and Noah stayed up late hanging out with us. I love his sweet little smiling face in this one! Then I jumped into the giant pillow bed on the floor with Noah and Libby and we had one big snuggle party!

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