Etsy Love: Blankies

I have a blanket obsession! I know it’s a problem and the truth is I’m not about to change, especially now that I have a girl! The good thing is I use them all, I lay them on the backs of chairs as decoration. I cuddle up under them with my sweeties. I lay them on the floor for the kids to play on. I take them in the car in case we get chilly and I love to use them in the grass for having picnics! I know you are thinking these are just excuses to get more and have so many blankets and you would be right! Im a snuggler and I like to be warm so blankies are my fav and I am having so much fun finding pretty girly ones for Miss Libby! They also make wonderful photography props (yes another excuse!) So now I will share some adorable blankies I found on Etsy to maybe make you a have a little obsession too!!

1) Crochet Blanket By Craft O Love 2) Automobile Baby Blanket By Lilbeautique 3) Cloud Swaddle Blanket By Juniper Wilde 4) Elephant Blanket By Little Necessities 5) Striped Baby Quilt By Giggle Six Baby Blanket 6) Aqua Chevron Blankie By My Woobie and Me 7) Floral Blanket By DragonFlySummer1 8) Minky Cuddle Blanket By Sweet Seraphina 9) Knit Baby Blanket By Eclectic Shop

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