Meet our New Baby Goats!

As many of you know I procrastinate a lot when it comes to naming our new additions. Naming these baby goats was no different and it never seems to get easier. I always have such a hard time choosing between all of the name suggestions and getting everyone to agree on a name. We finally decided on names for them………. Hazel and Hattie!!! I love choosing older names for our animals, their personalities just tend to go with their names and it is just so fun!

The baby goats are doing great and are getting so big. They are living outside now, but we wanted to share these adorable pictures of them when they were living inside in their adorable pajamas and onesies. These babies both have such a sweet personality and love to follow us around. We just took them on their first walk over the weekend and they loved it. They were jumping all around playing and were just so happy! They have brought so much joy to us during this time and we couldn’t be more blessed.

Make sure you are watching out stories to catch a ton of adorable videos of them. Now that they are outside and able to play more we are getting a ton of good photos and videos of them. They love running through the yard and doing their little happy jumps. It is one of our favorite things about having goats and it is just the cutest things to watch!

We also wanted to share with you a while back we asked you to guess what size diapers the baby goats were wearing. When we first brought them home, they were about two weeks old and they were in a size one diaper. They were so tiny and fit into newborn clothes! When they were about five weeks they moved into a size two diaper and 3-6 month clothing. The reason why we put onesies or pajamas on them is to help keep the diaper on. Otherwise the diaper will fall off when they are jumping and running around in the house.

I hope you all love the baby goats names and following along with them as they grow up! They right now are going to be living in our one side yard, not with the other goats. Once they get a little bit bigger then we will move them into the barnyard with the bigger goats. We will be having more updates on them throughout the weeks on Instagram so make sure you are following us @livesweet and @thesweetfluff !

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