Live Sweet Dollhouse

Lately we have been spending lots of extra time at home. In the mist of all that is happening around us in these tough times, many sweet memories have been made here at home with our family. Creating my dream Dollhouse has been such a fun distraction! Growing up, dollhouse collecting was something special my mother shared with me, and that’s why I love putting together the sweetest house with my own girls!

Live Sweet’s newest line contains all of the sweetest pastel dollhouse figures, clothing, and furniture your heart desires! It is truly a dream come true to see my ideas come to life in miniature form. And we have even more plans for the Live Sweet Dollhouse line in the future!

The possibilities are endless with the miniature line! Maybe this is why we love it so much, there’s always more to be designed. So far, we have created furniture inspired by my own pastel home, sweet artist dolls and their peanut babies, and the daintiest doll clothing line!

We are so excited to expand Live Sweet Dollhouse and we’ve spent weeks brainstorming. We have a brand new line of product in the works. If you are a lover of all things dollhouse, stay tuned! We have big plans for our tiny line and can’t wait to share more with you soon!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Libby’s first dollhouse here! It’s bookcase transformed into a magical dollhouse.

Our Dollhouse line will be announce in our Live Sweet Loves Facebook group. This is where we share sneak peaks and launch most of our product on Thursdays.

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