Libby’s Spring Quilt


I love quilts and blankets, I kind of have an obsession. Now that I’m writing that I guess most of the things I love I really love and am obsessed with. At least I’m loyal ay! Anyway back to quilts and blankets. I have them all over my house in every room and there are never enough! I am always covered up every time I sit on the couch because I am almost always cold. I love to lay them on the floor to sit and play with the kids. We take them out on the porch and down in the woods to have picnics on and of course we love to cuddle up under them and get lots of snuggles!

This Easter my sweet mom made Miss Libby this adorable little lamb quilt! I am so in love with it, it’s so cute and I am so enjoying using it! I love that it was handmade by my mom and I love that she gave it to Libby this year when we got our lambs, it’s so nice that we will always have this adorable quilt to remind us of such a sweet time with our little lambs.

I decided to do a fun little photo shoot with Libby and her special new quilt because I wanted to remember how little and sweet she was when she received her quilt. I love how adorable these images turned out, they show her so well right now just as she is!


Thank you mom for such a special gift!


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  • IngridOh how I love the quilt that your mom made little Libby! It is so sweet! I adore the picture of Libby looking at her book on the quilt. What a precious memory that you have captured forever! I have to say it is one of my favorite pictures! No wonder you have such a handmade heart! It comes from a long line of crafty women!

  • adminThank you Ingrid! I do love how I get my creativity from both my mom and grandma, it makes it even sweeter!