Libby Trains Poppy The Mini Pig!

Libby trains her minipig tricks

It amazes me how much my Libby has grown into the beautiful vibrant young girl that she is today. She is so fun to be around and her love for our animals has grown so much.  There’s is truly no doubt that this girl is an animal lover! This stage of Libby’s life with Poppy the pig is so fun to watch and reminds me of the days of her and Pearl.

I enjoy seeing the dynamic of Libby and Claire taking in all the wonder of having a piggy friend around. It feels so much like a blast from the past. Every time I watch Claire play with Poppy I’m taken back to when Libby was her age and played with Pearl. This truly is where our love for pigs began. And Libby is having so much fun having another baby pig to love and nurture. 

Libby laughing with her minipig

Libby has become my righthand helper in all things having to do with our animals. The beautiful thing about her stepping into this role is that she actually enjoys it.

Libby loves all our animals and is really growing a special love for Poppy. She has so much fun helping me train Poppy the mini pig. Libby is teaching her little tricks like stand up, spin around, and lay down! We reward Poppy by giving her cheerios and, of course, lot of hugs and cuddles.  

Libby is very much like a mama figure to Poppy and loves to cuddle her all the time. It’s super cute to see Poppy responding to her direction and even affection.

Libby training the minipig to stand up

Libby also gets a kick out of watching Claire and Poppy play together. She really enjoys having a little sister and loves to watch her interact with her sweet pig.

Even though Poppy the mini pig is Claire’s, Libby is old enough to care for Poppy the way she needs. Claire has more than a few years to go before growing into that role, but for now, she is learning so much from her big sister. Libby is the perfect teacher and role model for Claire in this season. 

I just love seeing my precious girl blossom in this way. She truly is a nurturer at heart. If you are interested in hearing more about Libby’s beginnings with her pig Pearl go ahead and check out our Instagram and search #libbyandpearllove! I also will leave a link to my blog post called Candy Necklace Girls about this sweet pair for your pleasure!

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Libby training her minipig to stand up


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LIbby trains Poppy the Minipig
LIbby laughs with poppy the minipig
LIbby trains poppy the minipig
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