Claire Turns One! A perfect way to Celebrate her birthday!

Claire holding balloons including her #1 birthday balloon

It’s never too late to celebrate! That’s a motto my family has lived by! My sweet Claire turned one-year-old in June and I have been meaning to share how we celebrated her special birthday.

Claire has been such a gift to our family and I am so thankful to be her mama. As I have watched her grow and pass different milestones, I know she was created to be a bright light. Her life shines with pure sweetness and a joyful glow.  When she laughs she brings so much joy to all of us. Oh and that beautiful smile of hers gets me every time.

I could have never imagined her personality being so contagious and that she’d bring so much life, laughter, and love to our home. I love my Claire and am so thankful to have her in our family. 

pretty pink cake and pink haired doll set up for the birthday

For Claire’s birthday we had two parties. On her actual birthday we kept things small and celebrated her with our immediate family. The second party was for friends and family.

This post is about the first party. Ill be sharing photos of the second party in a later post.  I wanted to make things special for my baby girl so I decided to decorate the kids Kidkraft modern playhouse and spruce it up with a few things that I knew would make her smile. 

Kidkraft modern playhouse all cleaned up and ready for Claire's special day

The Kidkraft Modern Playhouse has been the perfect place for my kids to play. Now that Claire is walking and moving all around the house, the Pink and Mint playhouse has become one of her favorite places to hangout.

I actually shared a post two years ago about how we transformed this playhouse into what it is today. Since then, the playhouse needed a few touch ups. Claire’s birthday was the perfect reason to spark some inspiration!

To fix it up I added a little bunting and hung a donut curtain with some pom poms. I cleaned it all out and repainted the table and then painted the mailbox gold.  Once all things were set, I decked it out with some balloons, birthday cake, and a few gifts to make it extra special for her day.

It amazes me how simple it can be to dress something up for a party or special occasion by adding a few little touch ups. Claire loved all the things— especially her birthday balloons!

Claire on her scooter
claire in the playhouse peeking out
mini scooter and doll with balloons in front of playhouse
blow up pool and playhouse in background

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claire turns one
claire turns one
claire turns one
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