Featured Artist: Rusi Dolls

There is a certain charm about a handmade doll. I love baby dolls, I always have and I knew I wanted to start a little collection for Miss Libby right away. Waldorf dolls are my favorites as they are so simple yet lifelike. I love that they are made of all natural materials and have no hard pieces so they are great to cuddle. I found Rusi Dolls on Etsy and she instantly became one of my favorite doll makers. All of her dolls are just darling and she is always coming out with cute new dolls and clothing to keep me wanting more. You can purchase premade dolls from her Etsy store or place a custom order. She was very easy to work with and so sweet.

When I found out that we would be adopting a baby girl who would be 75% African American I knew that I wanted to get a special baby doll that would look just like her that she would someday play with. To be honest I found out quickly that it is a lot more difficult to find black baby dolls and I knew this doll had to be super special so I decided I wanted to have her custom made. I immediately thought of Rusi Dolls. Her handwork is fabulous and she will do all sorts of special custom things to make your doll just right for you. I decided to order a mommy and baby doll, this was a certainly a way to help me through the wait of our little sweetheart to be born, I longed to hold that sweet baby in my arms and these sweet dolls reminded me that it wouldn’t be long before I had my little girl. When designing myself I chose curly pink hair because I  thought it suited me best! I of course have creamy white skin and green eyes and baby Libby’s doll has brown skin and brown curly hair and a sweet pink little dress. We make a sweet little pair I think!

So here are our sweet dollies and I can’t wait to see Miss Libby love on these baby dolls someday and to tell her of how we waited and longed to hold her in our arms and knew that she was such a special gift from God. I always want her to know that even though she looks different from us that we think she is beautiful inside and out and perfect just the way she is!

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