LOVE LIFE PHOTO INSPIRATION: Photographing big events (A Beautiful Wedding)

This past weekend my cousin Julie got married! It was a beautiful day and everything was just perfect! She looked gorgeous and we all had so much fun being together with so many of our family and friends. Noah and I were both in the wedding, Noah was the ring bearer and he did wonderfully! He was so excited and I was so proud of him!2013-04-30_0006.jpg


Me and my man, we don’t get dressed up often anymore and we almost never get in front of the camera together so I am so excited to have these images of us. It was a little nostalgic being with so much extended family at the wedding since it was one of the first times we all came together since our wedding almost 7 years ago! It is hard to believe that it has been that long and how our life has changed in so many ways and how we have grown together over the years. I am so thankful for our strong love and the journey that we are on!

I got to be with Julie all day as she got ready for the big event, Noah and Libby were there too. I am just crazy about this image of Julie and her mother (my Aunt Kathy) with Libby, such pure joy here in all of their faces. I am so thankful we all got to be apart of such a special day!

Noah is such a charmer and he didn’t waste a bit of it at this wedding! He immediately made a ton of friends and become the life of the party! He danced with all the girls at the reception and had a wonderful time!

Miss Libby looked so adorable in her little party dress at her first wedding! It was so wonderful for everyone to get to meet her for the first time and she was such a doll!

This was our first family picture since Miss Libby was born! It makes me smile so big to see our little family all together!! The other picture is of me with my big brother, we are so lucky to have each other and are wonderful friends, I love that we got this sweet picture of the two of us together!

Those are my babies, aren’t they the cutest!! They were the only kids at the wedding and they both were amazing! Everyone loved them both so much and I was one proud momma!

Love Life Photo Inspiration 4: Photographing Big Events

I just wanted to share a few tips with you about photographing big events with your phone because I took all of these pictures with my Iphone, which are now some of my favorites! I had so many people at the wedding comment on how they loved that even though I was a professional photographer that I was using my phone to take pictures of the big day because that is what most of them were using as well. I can’t tell you how much fun I had photographing bits and pieces of the wedding day with my phone. It was so easy and fun and I captured a lot of images that I otherwise would not have gotten. There was no way with Noah and I both being in the wedding and having Libby with me most of the time as well that I could have brought my professional camera and I aslo knew it just wouldn’t have been as much fun for me. But boy am I glad I got my phone out and I was able to get some wonderful pictures to remember this very special day with my very special family!

Of course you want to capture those special relationships at an event like this while you are all together, it’s also a great time to get someone else to take pictures of you with your special someone or with your kids. You know I don’t often get in front of the camera but while we were all dressed up and together I was so excited to get some good pictures of me with the kids, my man and my family!

Get candid, peek in on things that other people might not be seeing and photograph the story, those are almost always my favorite shots. It’s in the details, photograph flowers, food, centerpieces and more. You will be happy to remember all the details of the day. I love the collages I was able to put together of the kids, to do this take a bunch of pictures in a row to capture lots of different expressions, these are fun to share their excitement of the day!

So next time you attend a big event or party don’t be shy because all you brought with you is your phone, get it out and capture some awesome memories. Remember we each have a different eye so you are sure to capture something different than anyone else!

These images were taken with my Iphone and most were edited with the wonderful apps Cameramatic and or Instagram

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  • RobinWhat an absolutely beautiful family! How do you get such crisp pictures using your phone? Mine always seem so grainy and blurry- especially when photographing a moving target (aka a toddler).

  • adminHi Robin, thank you so much!! Lighting has so much to do with capturing a sharp image. If you don’t have enough natural light your subject will be blurry instead of crisp. The graininess also comes from lack of light. Try photographing your toddler outside or in a very well naturally lit room. I hope that helps!