ETSY LOVE: Baby teethers

Miss Libby has been teething for almost a month now with nothing to show for it yet. Poor baby doesn’t know what to do with her self but chewing on things seems to help a bit. Of course she has to have some adorable things to chew on so Etsy here I come. I love all of the teething jewelry for moms that they offer now. It is all so cute! Im hoping a few of these will help my sweet baby get a little relief.

1) Teething Bracelet by kangarusha 2) Mint Teething Necklace by kangarusha 3) Nursing Necklace by kangarusha 4) Teething Ring by Triggii 5) Nursing Necklace by MagazinIL 6) Teething Rings by modernmadebaby 7)Waldorf Teething Doll by LaFiabaRussa

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