Love Life Photo Inspiration 3: Sleeping Cuties

I just love pictures of my babies sleeping. There is just something about their quite, still and sweet little faces that can only be captured when they sleep. For Noah it is one of the rare occasions that he is still and Libby sleeps more often then not which both are great opportunities for taking pictures. I love their sweet little swished lips and their chubby cheeks. Fil calls them morning cheeks, he says their cheeks are always a little chubbier when they sleep.

Sleeping seems like such a mundane part of life that you may not think to photograph your children while sleeping but I am here to tell you that you will not regret having images of your sweet ones sleeping. If your children nap that is a great time to photograph them because you will have good daylight to get better images. I take most of the sleeping pictures of Noah in the morning before he wakes up so instead of rushing in and waking your little ones up to get ready in the morning why not get your phone out first and snap a few pictures of their sweet little faces before they stir. I edit most of my sleeping pictures in black and white or sepia because I love how it pulls you into their little details instead of focusing on the color going on in the image. Occasionally I love the color and will keep it but my favorites are definitely the black and whites!

I love how even though Libby and Noah are at such different stages in their life when they sleep I can see such similarities. They are both my little loves and I am so thankful to have all of these precious images of them.

Try and photograph your child sleeping in a way that really represents the stage that they are in now. Such as if they are still in their crib or in a toddler bed or maybe they jump in bed with you to cuddle in the mornings. These are all things that you will want to remember about your sweethearts so try and capture them as they are right now as they are always changing! Here I have a couple of images of Libby cuddled in her Moby wrapped on Fil and I. This is one of her favorite places right now right up against mommy and daddy but I know very soon she will be to big to get tucked inside this little pouch and I so want to remember this precious time in our lives!

You can also try and capture your kiddos in some of the interesting positions and places they might fall asleep in. They will be so fun to show them later in life! I hope this inspires you to capture your little ones while they are having sweet dreams!

These images were taken with my Iphone and most were edited with the wonderful apps PicTapGo and or Instagram

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