Dreams do come true

We have been working on so many adorable designs for this year! There is more and more cuteness happening around here daily and it all gets me so excited! This sweet little brand that I designed only just a year ago and our shop that opened only just six months ago has grown beyond all of my sweet dreams in such a short amount of time! There is know other real explanation for this than God and well that’s plenty of explanation for me!

When I started this little business of mine I had a dream to make a little extra money while being creative and hopefully create enough of a client base for a few friends to be able to work from home very part time and also to spread a little adoption love. I have lots of friends who love their babies and want to be with them more than anything (as most of us long to do). I thought maybe if I could design a brand that needed a little more work than I could handle, I could provide jobs for some of these fabulous women, so that they could provide a little extra income for their families and still be home with those sweet babies. This dream was of course meant to be over several years, I thought maybe the first year it would just be me and then maybe by year two I could bring someone on part time and then maybe a second or third part timer after that, long term goals right, it seemed reasonable to me at the time. Well God had different plans, with our shop open just six months we now have full time work for me and one other woman and four part time employees! How did that happen?!

For the first time in my career life I feel completely in the right place at the right time with this business and what it is called to do. I absolutely love that we get to support families each month in their adoptions and I love that you all love that too! Some days are exhausting and stressful, a business, clients, and employees is a lot to hold on my little shoulders but when I see all the good that is coming from it I couldn’t be more thankful!!

God has blessed our little business and I think this is just the beginning! I’m not planning on stopping here, we have lots more designs and big plans to come and there are lots more creative women out their to employ and babies that need homes and we will keep working to help them! Thank you all for your continued support in making my dreams come true and I can’t wait to see what adventures 2015 brings!

xoxo Lindsey

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